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Commercial Real Estate Photography.

Take your marketing to the next level and wow your clients! Enhance your client portfolios with affordable professional photography! Best known for our incredible birdseye images the team at High Res Media works with the valley’s top real estate professionals. Tailored photography packages including a birdseye vantage point exclusively for commercial real estate brokerages and agents. 

Industrial Spaces.

When we’re photographing industrial properties we know it’s important to highlight special features such as easy access bays, ample parking, or fork lift stations. We understand your project’s needs and take great pride in our work!

Multi-Family Properties.

Amenities are just one of the aspects of capturing the essence of a multi-family property. We can capture the key components such as floorplans, the grounds, and amenities.

Office & Retail Spaces.

We are architectural photographers. We know the importance of creating images that appropriately display many different types of spaces. This includes office & retail spaces. We know how to show off the usefulness of the spaces you have for sale.

Our Clients

Quick Turnaround.

On deadline!? No problem we’re fantastic under pressure! Even though our standard turnarounds are super speedy, 2-3 business days from photo date, we can expedite your project with next business day turnaround for a nominal fee. Just let your project coordinator know at time of scheduling!

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We know the attention to detail and shot specific requests which commercial photography entails. Every single project is different and has it’s own unique challenges and characteristics. Scheduling is a breeze! You will work directly with our project coordinator who will ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. We work 7 days per week. We understand that most often employees or staff are unaware of a sale and weekend/non-work day reservations are required. Please contact us so we can provide you a proper quote specifically for your commercial real estate project.

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